January National Day Calendar

January National Day Calendar

Published by The Coupon Marketplace on 10th Jan 2023

There are plenty of things to celebrate throughout the year. To help you plan ahead and find the right coupon for any celebration, we’re sharing a list of the nationally and internationally recognized things to celebrate, like National Dress Your Pet Day on January 14th or National Use Your Gift Card Day on January 20th.

Plan ahead and celebrate with savings. The Coupon Marketplace has coupons for food, pets, health & beauty and much more. Check out the calendar to see what fun things you want to celebrate then use your coupons for deals.

What to Celebrate this month

  • January 1
    ◦New Year’s Day
    ◦National Bloody Mary Day
    ◦National Hangover Day
    ◦World Day of Peace
  • January 2
    ◦National Science Fiction Day
    ◦National Personal Trainer Awareness Day
    ◦National Buffet Day
    ◦National Cream Puff Day
    ◦World Introvert Day
    ◦National Thank God It’s Monday Day – First Monday in January
  • January 3
    ◦National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦National Drinking Straw Day
    ◦National Fruitcake Toss Day
  • January 4
    ◦National Spaghetti Day [Find Tomato Sauce Coupons Here]
    ◦National Trivia Day
    ◦World Hypnotism Day
    ◦World Braille Day
  • January 5
    ◦National Bird Day
    ◦National Whipped Cream Day
    ◦National Keto Day
    ◦National Screenwriters Day
    ◦Twelfth Night
  • January 6
    ◦National Bean Day
    ◦National Shortbread Day
    ◦National Cuddle Up Day
    ◦National Technology Day
  • January 7
    ◦National Bobblehead Day
    ◦National Tempura Day [Find Panko Bread Crumbs Here]
    ◦Harlem Globetrotter’s Day
    ◦National Play Outside Day – First Saturday of Every Month
  • January 8
    ◦National Argyle Day
    ◦National Bubble Bath Day [Find Bath Coupons Here]
    ◦National English Toffee Day
    ◦National JoyGerm Day [Find Cleaning Coupons Here]
    ◦National Sunday Supper Day ­– Second Sunday in January
    ◦National Winter Skin Relief Day [Find Lotion Coupons Here]
    ◦World Typing Day
    ◦Earth’s Rotation Day
    ◦National Career Coach Day
  • January 9
    ◦National Static Electricity Day
    ◦National Apricot Day
    ◦National Clean Off Your Desk Day – Second Monday in January [Find Cleaning Coupons Here]
    ◦National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
    ◦National Balloon Ascension Day
    ◦International Choreographers Day
  • January 10
    ◦National Bittersweet Chocolate Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦National Cut Your Energy Costs Day [15 Ways to Conserve Energy at energysage.com]
    ◦National Save The Eagles Day
    ◦National Oysters Rockefeller Day
    ◦National Shop for Travel Day – Second Tuesday in January
    ◦National Houseplant Appreciation Day
  • January 11
    ◦National Milk Day [Find Dairy Coupons Here]
    ◦National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
    ◦National Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day
    ◦Cuckoo Dancing Week
    ◦Heritage Treasures Day
  • January 12
    ◦National Pharmacist Day [Find Medicine Coupons Here]
    ◦National Curried Chicken Day
    ◦National Marzipan Day
    ◦Kiss A Ginger Day
    ◦National Hot Tea Day [Find Tea Coupons Here]
  • January 13
    ◦National Rubber Ducky Day
    ◦National Peach Melba Day
    ◦Stephen Foster Memorial Day
    ◦National Blame Someone Else Day – First Friday the Thirteenth of the Year
    ◦National Sticker Day
    ◦Korean American Day [Find Asian Cuisine Coupons Here]
    ◦Quitters Day
  • January 14
    ◦National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day [Find Subway Coupons Here] [Find Lettuce Coupons Here] [Find Hellman’s Coupons Here]
    ◦National Dress Up Your Pet Day [Find Pet Coupons Here]
    ◦Ratification Day
    ◦World Logic Day
  • January 15
    ◦National Hat Day
    ◦National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
    ◦National Booch Day (Kombucha day)
    ◦National Bagel Day
    ◦World Religion Day
    ◦World Snow Day
  • January 16
    ◦National Nothing Day
    ◦National Religious Freedom Day
    ◦National Fig Newton Day
    Martin Luther King Jr Day
    ◦National Without a Scalpel Day
    ◦International Hot and Spicy Food Day
  • January 17
    ◦National Hot Buttered Rum Day
    ◦National Bootlegger’s Day
    ◦National Classy Day
    ◦Betty White Day [Find Wine Coupons Here]
    ◦International Mentoring Day
  • January 18
    ◦National Winnie the Pooh Day
    ◦National Peking Duck Day [Find Soy/Teriyaki Sauce Coupons Here]
    ◦National Thesaurus Day
  • January 19
    ◦National Popcorn Day
    ◦World Quark Day
    ◦Tin Can Day
    ◦Get to Know Your Customers Day – Third Thursday of Each Quarter
  • January 20
    ◦National Buttercrunch Day
    ◦National Disc Jockey Day
    ◦National Cheese Lover’s Day (UK) [Find Cheese Coupons Here]
    ◦International Day of Acceptance
  • January 21
    ◦National Hugging Day
    ◦National Granola Bar Day
    ◦Squirrel Appreciation Day
    ◦World Kiwanis Week
    ◦International Sweatpants Day
    ◦National Hyaluronic Acid Day
    National Use Your Gift Card Day – Third Saturday in January [Purchase or Redeem Gift Cards for The Coupon Marketplace Here]
  • January 22
    ◦National Blonde Brownie Day
    ◦Celebration of Life Day
    ◦National Sanctity of Human Life Day
    ◦National Polka Dot Day
    ◦National Hot Sauce Day
  • ◦Lunar New Year – Year of the Rabbit
  • January 23
    ◦National Pie Day
    ◦National Handwriting Day
    ◦National Measure Your Feet Day [Find Foot Care Coupons Here]
  • January 24
    ◦National Compliment Day
    ◦National Peanut Butter Day [Find Peanut Butter Coupons Here]
    ◦Beer Can Appreciation Day
    ◦International Day of Education
    ◦Global Belly Laugh Day
    National Just Do It DayPlace an Order with The Coupon Marketplace Today! [Order Here]
  • January 25
    ◦National Opposite Day
    ◦National Irish Coffee Day [Find Coffee Coupons Here]
    ◦Library Shelfie Day – Fourth Wednesday in January
  • January 26
    ◦National Spouses Day
    ◦National Peanut Brittle Day [Find Nutty Coupons Here]
    ◦National Green Juice Day
    ◦National Ellen Degeneres Day
    ◦International Customs Day
    ◦Australia Day
  • January 27
    ◦National Chocolate Cake Day
    ◦Holocaust Remembrance Day
    ◦World Breast Pumping Day [Find Dairy Coupons Here]
    ◦Vietnam Peace Day
    ◦National Preschool Fitness Day
  • January 28
    ◦National Have Fun at Work Day
    ◦National Kazoo Day
    ◦National Blueberry Pancake Day
    ◦National Seed Swap Day [Join Seed Savers Exchange Here]
    ◦Data Privacy Day
    ◦Global Community Engagement Day
    ◦National Gift of the Ladybug Day
    ◦Local Quilt Shop Day
    ◦International LEGO Day
  • January 29
    ◦National Puzzle Day
    ◦National Corn Chip Day
    ◦National Curmudgeons Day
    ◦Freethinkers Day
  • January 30
    ◦National Croissant Day
    ◦National Bubble Wrap Day – Last Monday of January
  • January 31
    ◦National Backward Day
    ◦National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
    ◦National Plan for Vacation Day – Last Tuesday in January
    ◦National Hot Chocolate Day [Find Hot Chocolate Coupons Here]