Coupon Exchange Program


Got Coupons? Let's Swap!

Our Coupon Exchange Program allows you to send us your coupons in exchange for ours.  We're kind of picky, so read the requirements before submitting your request.


1. Coupons must be tearpads, blinkies, peelies, hangtags, or other specialty coupons.
     ¤  NO clipped coupons from a coupon insert
     ¤  NO printable coupons
     ¤  NO copies of coupons

2. Coupons must be manufacturer coupons.
     ¤  NO store coupons
     ¤  NO restaurant coupons
     ¤  NO catalinas (register rewards, extra care bucks, etc.)

3.  You must have at least a quantity of 10 of each coupon that you would like to exchange.

4. The coupon expiration date must be no less than 30 days from today's date.

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