February National Day Calendar

February National Day Calendar

Published by The Coupon Marketplace on 2nd Feb 2023

February is most recognized for Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Football. However, there are many nationally and internationally recognized celebrations throughout the month of February.

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What to Celebrate this Month:

  • February 1
    ◦National Freedom Day (freedom from slavery)
    ◦National Baked Alaska Day
    ◦National Serpent Day
    ◦National Get Up day
    ◦National Dark Chocolate Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦World Read Aloud Day
    ◦National Girls and Women in Sports Day – Changes Annually
  • February 2
    ◦National Groundhog Day
    ◦National Heavenly Hash Day
    ◦National Tater Tot Day [Find Potato Coupons Here]
    ◦National Optimist Day – First Thursday in February
    ◦Crepe Day [Find Crepe Filling Coupons Here]
  • February 3
    ◦National the Day the Music Died Day
    ◦National Carrot Cake Day
    ◦National Wear Red Day – First Friday in February
    ◦National Women Physicians Day
    ◦National Missing Persons Day
    ◦Feed the Birds Day
    ◦Bubble Gum Day
    ◦Four Chaplains Day
    ◦Golden Retriever Day [Find Pet Coupons Here]
  • February 4
    ◦National Thank a Mailman Day [Find Card Coupons Here]
    ◦National Homemade Soup Day [Find Soap Coupons Here]
    ◦National Create a Vacuum day
    ◦National Hemp Day
    ◦Take Your Child to the Library Day [Read the Consumer Report Featuring the Coupon Marketplace]
    ◦World Cancer Day
    ◦Ice Cream For Breakfast Day – First Saturday in February [Find Ice Cream Topping Coupons Here]
    ◦National Play Outside Day – First Saturday of Every Month
  • February 5
    World Nutella Day [Find Nutella Coupons Here]
    ◦National Weatherperson’s Day
    ◦National Shower with a Friend Day [Find Bodywash Coupons Here]
    ◦Lantern Festival
  • February 6
    ◦National Lame Duck Day
    ◦National Frozen Yogurt Day [Find Yogurt Coupons Here]
    ◦National Chopsticks Day [Find Asian Food Coupons Here]
  • February 7
    ◦National Send a Card to a Friend Day [Find Card Coupons Here]
    ◦National Fettuccine Alfredo Day [Find Pasta Sauce Coupons Here]
    ◦National Periodic Table Day
    ◦Rose Day
  • February 8
    ◦National Boy Scouts Day
    ◦National Kite Flying Day
    ◦Safer Internet Day U.S. – Changes Annually
  • February 9
    ◦National Pizza Day [Find Pizza Coupons Here]
    ◦National Toothache Day [Find Oral Health Coupons Here]
    ◦National Bagel & Lox Day
    ◦National Giving Hearts Day – Second Thursday in February
  • February 10
    ◦National Umbrella Day
    ◦National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
    ◦National Home Warranty Day
  • February 11
    ◦National Make a Friend Day
    ◦National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day [Find Dairy Coupons Here]
    ◦National White Shirt Day
    ◦National Shut-In Visitation Day
    ◦National Peppermint Patty Day
    ◦National Inventor’s Day
    ◦Global Movie Day – Second Saturday in February
  • February 12
    ◦National Plum Pudding Day
    ◦Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
    ◦National Lost Penny Day
    ◦National Pork Rind Day – Day of the Big Game [Find Snack Coupons Here]
    International Darwin Day
  • February 13
    National Tortellini Day [Find Pasta Sauce Coupons Here]
    ◦National Clean Out Your Computer Day – Second Monday in February
    ◦National Football Hangover Day – Day After the Big Game
    ◦National Cheddar Day [Find Cheese Coupons Here]
    ◦Galentine’s Day [Find Restaurant Coupons Here]
  • February 14
    National Organ Donor Day
    ◦National Ferris Wheel Day
    ◦National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦Library Lovers Day [Read our Blog for more Coupon Tips Here]
    ◦Safer Internet Day
    ◦Pet Theft Awareness Day
    Valentine’s Day [Find Restaurant Coupons Here] [Find Chocolate Coupons Here] [Find Card Coupons Here]
  • February 15
    National Gumdrop Day
    ◦Singles Awareness Day
    ◦Susan B Anthony Day
    ◦International Childhood Cancer Day
  • February 16
    National Almond Day [Find Almondmilk and Nut Coupons Here]
    ◦National Do a Grouch a Favor Day
  • February 17
    National Random Acts of Kindness Day
    ◦National Cabbage Day [Find Salad Coupons Here]
    ◦National PTA Founders Day
    ◦National Caregivers Day – Third Friday in February
    ◦National No One Eats Alone Day – Changes Annually [Find Restaurant Coupons Here]
  • February 18
    National Battery Day
    ◦National Drink Wine Day (UK) [Find Wine Coupons Here]
    ◦National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day
  • February 19
    National Chocolate Mint Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦National Lash Day [Find Eye Drops and Makeup Coupons Here]
    ◦National Vet Girls Rise Day
    ◦National Arabian Horse Day
  • February 20
    ◦National Cherry Pie Day [Find Sugar and Sugar Alternative Coupons Here]
    ◦National Love Your Pet Day [Find Pet Coupons Here]
    ◦National Muffin Day [Find Muffin Mix Coupons Here]
    ◦National Comfy Day
    ◦National Leadership Day
    President’s Day – Third Monday in February
  • February 21
    National Sticky Bun Day
    ◦National Pancake Day – IHOP – Changes Annually [Find Pancake Mix Coupons Here]
    ◦Fat Tuesday – Day Before Ash Wednesday
    ◦National Grain-Free Day
    ◦Mardi Gras
    ◦Paczki Day – Day Before Ash Wednesday
    ◦Fastnacht Day – Day Before Ash Wednesday
  • February 22
    National Margarita Day
    ◦National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
    ◦Walking the Dog Day [Find Pet Coupons Here]
    ◦Supermarket Employee Day [Find Grocery Coupons Here]
    ◦Ash Wednesday – 46 Days Before Easter
  • February 23
    National Banana Bread Day
    ◦National Dog Biscuit Day [Find Pet Coupons Here]
    ◦National Chili Day – Fourth Thursday in February
    ◦National Toast Day – Last Thursday in February
    ◦National Tile Day
    ◦Play Tennis Day
  • February 24
    ◦National Tortilla Chip Day
    ◦National Skip the Straw Day – Fourth Friday in February
    ◦National Tartar Sauce Day – Friday after Lent Begins [Find Mayonnaise Coupons Here]
    ◦Quiet Day
  • February 25
    ◦National Chocolate Covered Nut Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦National Clam Chowder Day
  • February 26
    ◦National Pistachio Day
    ◦National Tell a Fairy Tale Day
    ◦National Set A Good Example Day
    ◦National Letter to an Elder Day
  • February 27
    ◦National Kahlua Day
    ◦National Strawberry Day
    ◦National Polar Bear Day
    ◦National Retro Day
    ◦Pokemon Day
    ◦Anosmia Awareness Day
  • February 28
    ◦National Public Sleeping Day
    ◦National Chocolate Souffle Day [Find Chocolate Coupons Here]
    ◦National Floral Design Day
    ◦National Tooth Fairy Day [Find Oral Health Coupons Here]
    ◦World Spay Day – Last Tuesday in February
    ◦Rare Disease Day – Last Day in February