December National Day Calendar

December National Day Calendar

Published by The Coupon Marketplace on 1st Dec 2023

As winter's embrace settles in, December brings with it a tapestry of festivities, each day offering a unique reason to celebrate. While the holiday season is synonymous with joy and togetherness, it can also be a time of increased spending. Join us on a journey through the month, where every celebration becomes a chance to save, share, and create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

USPS Shipping Dates to get your Packages by CHRSITMAS:

First Class Mail (Domestic)

  • 5-Day by Dec 16
  • 4-Day by Dec 18
  • 3-Day by Dec 19
  • 2-Day by Dec 20

USPS Ground Advantage

  • 5-Day Shipping by Dec 16
  • 4-Day Shipping by Dec 18
  • 3-Day Shipping by Dec 19
  • 2-Day Shipping by Dec 20

Priority Mail

  • 3-Day Shipping by Dec 20
  • 2-Day Shipping by Dec 21

Priority Mail Express

  • 2-Day Shipping by Dec 20
  • 1-Day Shipping by Dec 21

*NOTE Actual Delivery date may vary based on origin, destination, Post Office acceptance time, weather and other conditions. Please contact your Local Post Office for more information.

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What to Celebrate this Month: