Daylight Savings: Fall Back Reminder

Daylight Savings: Fall Back Reminder

Published by The Coupon Marketplace on 1st Nov 2022

It’s Fall, y’all and Daylight Savings ends Sunday, November 6th at 2:00AM.

So, you know what that means! An extra hour of sleep --- or, as we like to think of it, an extra hour of shopping and planning for the busy holiday season.

As we head into Thanksgiving, the kickoff holiday of the season, we are beginning to see grocery coupons for all of the holiday fixings. Food coupons are becoming rarer as grocery prices soar higher, so start planning your holiday dinner now and take advantage of the Thanksgiving food-related grocery coupons that we have in stock. Surprisingly, a lot of these coupons have long expiration dates, which gives you more time throughout the holiday season to feed your family without blowing your budget.

Also, to sweeten your coupon savings, Ibotta is offering their third annual Thanksgiving Dinner! This promo allows you to receive a full rebate for a Butterball Turkey. All you have to do is redeem 16 unique offers through the Ibotta app by November 18, 2022. As a bonus, after unlocking the turkey offer you will automatically unlock a chance to redeem up to 3 side offers to help complete your turkey dinner. Get the app now! Use our referral code ubbqmns and get special BONUS offers after your first redemption in the app.

Holiday Planning To Do List:

  • Decide location and guest list
  • Invite guests
  • Plan your menu
  • Get out decorations
  • Set budget
  • Check coupons and local store deals
  • Plan your grocery list
  • Order your clipped coupons from The Coupon Marketplace
  • Purchase or make new decorations
  • Shop for your groceries
  • Plan any kid friendly food or activities if little ones are invited
  • Cook
  • Enjoy time with loved ones while eating

To make your holidays saving sweeter use this coupon code FALLBACK22 on your next order with The Coupon Marketplace to receive 10% off your entire order.