Coupon Organizer - Attaches to Your Shopping Cart!



You asked and we listened. Introducing Etsy's best-selling, five star coupon organizer!  We absolutely LOVE it and you will too!

Organizing your coupons can be overwhelming and remembering where you put them when you need them can be frustrating. This organizer is designed so that you can come up with your own system to manage your coupons your way. It is an invaluable aide for all couponers.  No more putting coupons in drawers, stacked on counters, or losing them at the bottom of your purse.  And, when you're ready to shop, this organizer attaches to your grocery cart for hands-free couponing! 

Our Price: $18.00 | Etsy Price $20.25

Each organizer comes with:

♥ 20 blank, tabbed dividers

♥ 80 grocery labels, 40 budget receipt labels, 16 department store labels, and 24 blank labels.  A total of 160 labels to customize your organizer!


♥ Attaches to your shopping cart for easy use and EASY access to your coupons

♥ Endless organization possibilities for your personal needs: Aisle by aisle, alphabetical order, or by store

♥ Stylish and 100% quality cotton fabrics

♥ Handmade with care in the USA

♥ Holds 100’s of coupons, plus room for your grocery list!


8 inches long
5 inches tall (when closed)
2 inches in depth


Inside and outside fabric are 100% cotton. Stabilizer is used to give it stiffness and durability. A matching button has been hand sewn to the back for closure and for attaching it to your grocery cart with the corded elastic.

Care instructions:

Machine wash cold and dry on low.